GooD StufF - The Story Behind It

Good Stuff was created as a thing to pass the time with! Ben came up with the ideas for the story lines and I drew the images to go with the story. We both did some work on them and eventually this site got created!

The characters:

Bill - Bill is supposed to be the 'kickass' cool character. He is called Bill due to some image googling which came up with a guy called Bill...well we thought it was a good idea at the time. Oh and if you are wondering he is an angel ;)

Donkey - For lack of a better name Donkey was originally meant to be the cute one, but that didn't work so well, so he is just kind of stupid because he has just been reborn. As a twist to his character he is a piñata...why because Ben said so!

Sheep - Sheep doesn't have a very big role but is the cute one. In fact he isn't needed at all really but we have him because I want him there!

Summary of the Beginning
Basically if you don't follow then somethings's pretty damn simple -
A piñata is created, then used, then resurrected by Bill - a devilish angel who teaches Donkey about life etc. and that's the main story line!

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