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28th April 2005
Finally, Strip 5 is done! Also Strip 7 is up and we are
working on Strip 8 now. - Danielle

19th April 2005
I'll make a section about recommended reading I think, but for now:
Questionable Content
Bunny Comics
Something Positive
Penny Arcade

16th April 2005
The counter has been set up, this is more of a note to myself though ;) Counter started - 12th April 2005. More comics have been drawn, just need to make them into comic form... -Danielle

7th April 2005
Website is now up, hosted by There are currently 5 comics done, sorry about the jump from 4 to 6. (Strip 5 is in progress!) We will update once a week for now! -Danielle

March -

28th March 2005

Website is now designed! Just got to get it up. There are currently 5 completed strips and Ben is away so have to wait till he gets back... - Danielle

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